A little bit dark, a little bit spooky...

A little bit dark, a little bit spooky...

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Current project: Fenwick P. Mossbottom!

For those of you who remember my sculpture from several years ago:
 'Fenwick P. Mossbottom, Guardian of the Pumpkin Patch,' you may also recall that he had a story that went along with him. In fact, pretty much all of my sculptures and paintings have backstories to accompany them. It's just how I create - never simply a character or scene, there is always a background, a bit of origin, to them. And many are integrated with each other, in their respective places, all centered on Halloween of course.

A project I'd been working on but put on a backburner was an illustrated book with many of the Halloween characters I've created in the past. I've delved into bringing it to its fruition recently, and am elated in doing so. It has been a while since I earnestly broke out my paints, having spent the better part of a decade or more working exclusively with clay. Acrylic paints, I have missed you so!!!

Thus far, I have one full panel of the book completed: a painting of the overall land that Fenwick resides in. It is everything you would imagine a fanciful chap such as he lives in - a small pastoral village, where it is perpetual Autumn and all the trees and foliage are bright and alive with intense vibrancy. 

Fenwick is diligent about caring for the pumpkins every Autumn season, ensuring they grow well and are ready in time for Halloween. However, he's got the penchant to slip off occasionally for a wee nip on the bottle of high-octane pumpkin brew, and as a result, ends up inebriated and entangled within the pumpkin patch!

Even though I ordinarily work from home (call me a hermit, it's what I am), being forced to remain indoors during this awful pandemic has lit a creative fire under me. I feel like I'm getting more done now than I usually do. Hey, I call that a win!

I hope you all are doing well, staying healthy and happy. 
Stay creative, it will most certainly save you!

The original Fenwick sculpture resides in an art collector's home here in Nashville; he was sold at the 2017 MONSTERS & MERRIMENT Art Show.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Quarantine? No prob! - - -

We are a work-from-home kind of gal, so staying put indoors during the coronavirus quarantine is a piece of cake! (Just wish we had some cake right now)

Keeping very busy, drawing and painting every day. Working on an illustrated book I've planned over the course of the past decade.

How are you all doing?

'Felina Dreams of Halloween'

Felina dreams of Halloween
whilst tucked into her bed
with candy corn
new days yet born
Keeps her imagination well-fed

copyright MacabreWebs Studios 2020

Monday, February 24, 2020

Now for an Announcement! - - -

Mark your calendars: SEPTEMBER 27, 2020

We are currently looking for stellar and UNIQUE Halloween artists of all sorts, and especially those who specialize in the following:

- Vintage Halloween
- Sculptures and assemblage
- Books, magazines, and the like
- Collectibles and ephemera, buttons, stickers, etc.
- Horror, fantasy
- Clothing, home goods and textiles
- Candles, perfumes
- Actors of Halloween/horror movies to meet with fans, sign and pose for photos

We're also looking to bring on food trucks that specialize in serving amazing foods, and separate dessert trucks as well. 
Hot dog vendors with small carts are encouraged to apply!

Please inquire at the link above, and click on "Contact Us/Join Us" to send an email with your name and information. 

Be sure to include a website where we can see your artistry! (Emails without this will not be answered)

Friday, February 21, 2020

How does this grab you?

Reach out and grab ahold!
Monsters & Merriment returns this autumn!

Where have I been, you ask?
No, I've not been goofing off since the beginning of the new year!

My absence here online simply means that I've been pretty darn busy, working on a multitude of things, including several school classes that take up most of my days each week. Yes, indeed, at my ancient age, it's a good thing to keep cramming new info into the ol' brain. How does that expression go? - "Use it or lose it!" The truth, for sure!

I've even joined a super cool and very fun belly dancing class. 
Boom shaka laka! 
Oh if only my achy lower back would cooperate a little better, ha ha.

Mostly though, I've been working on this year's Monsters & Merriment show.

Can't let out any secrets just yet, but the above logo will figure into it. Very excited because we have a really amazing new venue. It was quite sad that last year, we lost our old one - Fontanel - as it was sold to new owners, who have since closed the property down for the next few years while they re-do it. I have no idea what exactly it will turn into, but I wish them good luck. The years we spent there were wonderful, full of nothing but sweet, happy memories, and I'm incredibly thankful to them for hosting us.

So, in the meantime, between classes, putting the show together and creating new art, I'm glad to see that 2020 will remain very full and exciting for me.

Oh yeah... and I just turned 60 this February, too. Holy smokes, what a milestone, which is another big reason why I'm wanting to stay as busy as possible and learn new things. Either that, or sit like a bump on a log, and gather dust and cob webs (yeah, I know, it would go perfectly with my decor).

Ok, kiddies. Back to the salt mines I go. Catch up with ya soon!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Wednesday, December 18, 2019