A little bit dark, a little bit spooky...

A little bit dark, a little bit spooky...

Thursday, December 18, 2014

'Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.'

No, I'm not getting theosophical here in my old age; I just wanted to post something that I feel very strongly about that, for once, is not about arts and crafts or Halloween.

That kitten you saved from freezing outdoors. The dog you adopted. The seeds you filled the bird feeders with so the wild birds would not starve to death during the harsh winter.

Thank you for knowing that animals are special. They matter. They are sacred to our world.

Friday, November 7, 2014

WIP: Krampus, the Dark Yule Lord

He's coming along nicely. Yesterday was the addition of eyeballs and lids. Today I'm working on his ears, mouth/teeth/lolling tongue, horns, and whatever else I have time for. Can't wait for him to dry completely so that I may begin the painting process. Then comes the fur, and the rest of the display around him on the base of the pedestal. 

I've had nothing less than abundant help from sweet tiny mischievous Loki, who has this overwhelming need to be a part of every single thing I do! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The leaves are falling all around...

Generally at this post-Halloween time of year, a sort of depression envelopes us as we anticipate the approaching winter, with its often harsh and unrelenting cold, laying the once beautiful landscape barren of its autumn splendor. 
My very pretty colorful hilltop neighborhood
Driving downhill is a treat, with the foliage colors a-blazing!

I have so many friends and family members who feel this way. The best you can do is to keep the fun memories of all the activities you'd done close by. That and seek out more fun, more food, more jollity! I love Thanksgiving and certainly look forward to getting together with loved ones. And, for as much as I truly enjoy cooking, perhaps will take a break from doing so this year, and go to some fancy shmancy place for dinner with friends. A reason to get all gussied up? Okay! I do best with full glamour makeup, red lipstick and jewelry anyway.
More pretty autumn neighborhood trees
Maple trees are my favorite, with so many colors and varieties
Another thing to keep the cheer near is to stay active, stay creative. I've entered an art exhibit/contest that's all about Krampus. 

Oh. My. GAWD. Did someone say, KRAMPUS? Yes please! That's just about the biggest slew of fun I can gather up that is kinda, sorta Halloweenish, but still keeping with the Yule holidays. And, come on, who doesn't love that irascible dark consort of the old European St. Nicholas? You don't have to worry about being good where Santa is concerned - be worried that Krampus will come and beat your naughty ass with a switch before sticking you in a basket and carting you off, never to be seen again... gulp! 

Today I whipped up a sizable batch of celluclay and began to create my Krampus bust. I'm fashioning him from a styrofoam wig head, and will paint his visage once it's dry (which is going to take a good couple days, as rain is moving into the forecast) and then give him plenty of scraggly hair and horns. Oh this is sure going to be FUN!
WIP: First sculpted layer of Celluclay goes on Krampus!
Pay no attention to that woman in the mirror!
I'm aiming to create a full-sized bust of him, mounted on a 12" pedestal of wood which will serve as his neck (to be covered with makeshift skin and hair), which, in turn, is mounted on a 12"x12" slab of wood. More to come as things develop...

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Medusa: the GORGON of your dreams...

Not just another pretty face...

My continuous fascination with this fearful Greek legend led me to create my personalized version of her here in MacabreWebs studios.

With the help of some home-made papier mache which covered an old doll head, she was anointed with many layers and textures. Green-grey acrylic paints gives her a horrifying reptilian appearance, and a head dress of black beads lends a vague feminine feel, wrapped through the snake-like shapes of her hair, along with abundant 'snaky' material that drapes across her crown, and hangs all around her like a nest of deadly cobras. The addition of painted pine needles (from the majestic pine tree in my front yard) for her pointy sharp teeth, and a hefty glob in each eye of glow in the dark paint, gives just the right touches to her intimidating countenance. Of course, being that she is the Medusa, I'd advise you to NOT look her directly in the eyes, lest you be turned to a solid block of stone... or so the legend goes.

Medusa measures approximately 13" high. She is mounted on a plank of wood that measures 11" x 5" and has been painted a deep, blood red, which is a delightfully stark contrast to the evil tone of her skin. Won't you be brave, and bring her home?

Now available at my Etsy store.

A yearly tradition: Crumpkin's Pumpkins!

Do you dare?



Thursday, October 2, 2014

Let's take a road trip, shall we? - HORRORVILLE, USA.

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a good, old fashioned, creepy fun time - especially during Halloween season! I've found several great websites that help us scare addicts to find the best of the spooky ventures out there. 

Roadside attractions for the damned is your cup of tea, you say? Then look no further than Roadtrippers's phantasmagorical HORRORVILLE site. 

From abandoned amusement parks (super creepy) to haunted plantations (absolutely hair-raising) and decaying hotels and resorts deep within the Appalachians (bone-chilling), you will find the road trip of  your dreams (or nightmares). The eerie decrepitude of some of these places is mind-bogglingly surreal, I tell you. You can feel the resounding primal fear stirring deep in your guts by just looking at them. Ooooh! What a way to plan a vacation. Sign me up!

Click the link below to venture into the land of America's most horrific places... that is, if you dare.


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy October Eve, everyone!

Tonight is October Eve. 

The First Church of Halloween

I'll be with a small group of very beloved friends, celebrating this once-a-year event, eating, drinking, laughing, watching movies and enjoying the cool autumn air.

Learn the Halloween Creed so that you can recite it correctly!


I believe in the Great Pumpkin, Almighty Gourd, maker of harvest and mirth, only begotten son of Father Bradbury and the Holy Schultz. 

Through him, all things savory were made. For our Halloween, he descended from the Scarecrow's head on high, and by the power of Sam, was grown by the Burgeoning Cemetery. 

For our desserts, he was crustified over Pontius Pie-plate and ascended into oven. He will come again in the glory to judge the filling and the bread, and his flickering visage will glow unto the ending of the candle.

In nomine Patris Bradbury, et Fillius Sam, et Magna Curcurbita.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Thank you, everyone!!! (the 2014 Fall Fest at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds was a smashing success)

Well. It's certainly been a long four-plus days of working the fair. My first real go at 'hanging my shingle,' getting my artwork known and out into the public, and meeting so many wonderful folks at the MacabreWebs booth over the weekend was, in my humble opinion, a phenomenal experience. Truly so! But oh my GOD. Am I pooped! Me and Mark both ran on fumes, operating on only a few hours sleep each night before having to get up before the crack of dawn every day. Plus, I think my feet have swollen to twice their size from standing up all day long - but it was well worth it. We had FUN! Can't wait to do it again next  year.

Our friend and fellow artist, Ethan Black, was also there for a while with his astounding Halloween horror creations and digital art prints for sale. It's always a pleasure to be around him. The fun factor is upped a gazillion percent whenever Ethan is around! 

Being an artist is serious work, isn't it?
Many of the hand-made things I have worked on all year long were sold, wrapped up and sent home to live with their new owners. Wow, I'll tell you, that single realization does things to me that I could never have imagined before. Yes, I guess I'm overly humble when I say that, but trust me, it's true... I'm just a goofy kid at heart, who grew up in a big city, had some rather odd ideas and tastes in things, and dreamed a grandiose dream of being a known name with the fruits of my labor. Just another anonymous face in the overwhelmingly huge crowd out there who dared to call herself an artist and, with the ever-loving goading of friends and family, decided it was the right time to spread the creations of her craft around. And to see that people actually liked it? Damn but it makes my head spin! 
Underslept + overwhelmed = a surreal state of mind
More so, I'd say that, when you have your own dear personal friends who make it a point to go out of their way and come visit your booth at a crowded fair, when they could have stayed home sleeping late?... that to me, is the meaning of true love. That comes straight from the heart and soul. I really mean it when I say, I have the BEST friends in the world, and I love them so very much. Thank you thank you thank you.

I'd be seriously remiss in not mentioning (and I could mention this a million times happily) my husband Mark. Honey, you are my best friend. You have never, ever failed me. You were my press agent, my business manager, and my #1 salesman for the entire show. I will never be able to thank you enough - so please allow me to show it to you, to prove it to you, instead. And I promise to spend the rest of my life doing just that.
It's Mark! - the MacabreWebs booth manager extraordinaire! 
Okay folks. Thanks for stopping by again! I've blathered on enough for now (I'm overly tired and in dire need of a battery recharge). Time to get back to work here at the MacabreWebs Studio in Castle GreenFuzz. I've taken my Etsy shop off of 'vacation' mode - you'll notice a lot of things are gone now, which were sold at Fall Fest.

On this lovely crisp Autumn morning, I must get busy but first, will prepare a cup of fragrant pumpkin spice tea, and then get to my studio and prepare for what comes next. 

After all, Halloween is just around the corner! 

Me and Bone Daddy are ready for Halloween!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wowza! We'll be busy this Halloween season! (***UPDATE!***)

Is it Halloween yet??? We thought summer would never end!

Full moon over our barn here at Castle GreenFuzz. Our bony sentry is on the guard!

A reminder: I put my Etsy shop on temporary vacation for a couple weeks because I'm going to be doing a few autumn craft fairs. So, that means this one-woman show is working hard to get the last few projects done before the end of the month!

Look for MACABREWEBS the weekend of Sept. 26, 27 & 28 at the FallFest flea market (in the Nashville Fairgrounds). I'll be in booth #21, in the Banquet Hall area. My dear bestie Jeannine - she of 'By Way of Salem' fame - will be in the booth right next to me, so come on down and say hello!

THEN! - Don't miss the Halloween event of the season!
Come to the fantabulous 'Dr. Gangrene's Horror Hootenanny' on Saturday, October 11th at the Cult Fiction Underground (a super cool new venue) in east Nashville. Going strong now for 11 years straight, the Hoot features a plethora of scintillatingly horrorific rock bands to thrill and chill ya! Hosted by our friend, Nashville's favorite TV horror host, Dr. Gangrene, this year's show stars a monster mash of Dead Dick Hammer, The Creeping Cruds, Creeplist, and more to be announced in the days to come; plus, a special midnight showing of that perennial meat-cleavin' classic, the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, with a live appearance by "Grandpa" John Dugan!

There will be prizes for Best Costume and more. MacabeWebs is a proud sponsor of this rockin' extravaganza too! One of my hand-made originals will be given away as a prize, so get out your greasepaint, don your spookiest costumes and let's party!!! 

Click this link to take you to the Horror Hootenanny page on Facebook. See you there!


NOTE: My Etsy shop is also on temp vacation. Will be returning again in October for the Halloween season. Right now the barest edges of beautiful Autumn are creeping in slooooowly... oooooh! Look! The leaves are turning colors, and a slight chill is in the air....

Saturday, September 6, 2014

On vacation right now -

I put my Etsy shop on temp vacation because I'm going to be doing a few autumn craft fairs. So, that means this one-woman show is working hard to get the last few projects done before the end of the month!

Will be returning again in October for the Halloween season. Right now the barest edges of autumn are creeping in slooooowly... oooooh!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Shiny dangly wearable Art has taken over my studio!

I fully put blame on my dear friend, The Bag (that's Jeannine, creator of awesome art on her By Way of Salem blog) with my latest obsession: making jewelry. She recently got me to try my hand at it and now, holy smokes, Batman! I'm totally addicted. And yes, Bag, it's all YOUR fault, I tell ya! Ehhh!

Hey, but honestly, I'm not complaining. I truly enjoy doing this. Never thought it could be so much creative fun, and also, I never imagined I'd be doing this, had it been suggested it to me in the past. Of course I'm still in the neophyte stages, so my designs are rather simple, but nonetheless fun (in my humble opinion of course). I realized that the type of jewelry designs I tend to favor can be quite different from a lot of what is out there, commercially-speaking; meaning, my designed pieces would be considered more off-kilter, or 'alternative' with skulls, bats, pumpkins, leaves, etc. In other words, dear reader, a lot more Halloween-like. Yes, I know - shocking, isn't it?
A partial collection of what's been cranking' out of my overactive imagination!
Most of the art supply chains stock the aforementioned commercial charms and necklace bits that are fine and dandy, but for me, that was the problem: it was all  very typical, so-so, generic. After a trip to the local art store, and paying way too much for a charm to a necklace that was not only too expensive but also mass-produced in China, I knew I wanted to create stuff that was unique, and fun to wear. Sooooo... I decided to create my own bits and pieces, and with a little help from Sculpy and acrylic paints, viola! I did just that. Truly wearable art. (Sorry, the photos I'm including here were taken with my mobile phone, so they're not as good quality as my Canon 35mm)

I've been cranking out at least two necklaces a day. Most of the designs are Jack O'Lanterns, Day of the Dead decorated skulls, roses,  even a few candy corns, but each one is uniquely designed by yours truly. And again, stressing the HAND-MADE aspect! 
Las Tres Calaveras! All with various jewels, chains, wire work, etc...
Most of the chains and closures are store-bought (some are cannibalized parts from old jewelry already on hand), but the charms and pendants are all made by me. Even some of the findings, I've created myself, from wire... oy vey, what a task that has become; a labor of love to be sure! My arthritis has not been cooperating 100% but I get around it as best I can, usually with very interesting results. Some are more rustic than others but that's ok, I tend to like it that way. And I've found I love making fancy loopy wire work too! 

Of course, I won't be doing this full-time. Certainly won't be giving Tiffany's a run for their money, that's for sure. Not planning on switching from painting & sculpting to jewelry maker exclusively, but, yep, will absolutely make necklaces as the mood hits me. Currently I have like 15 or so of them ready for sale, with another six on the table in progress.
I could make a million of these leetle fellas!
Oh and that reminds me - going to be bringing these goodies to the Flea Market at the end of next month (late September), along with pretty much all I have available for sale on my Etsy page, and even stuff not listed, such as some full-sized haunt creations used in our last Halloween party here at Castle GreenFuzz. Booth design/layout is on the drawing boards but you know it will be fun and reflective of my personality. Animatronics included! Can't wait for it. It will signal the true beginning of Autumn, my favorite season on the year, plus it will be mega-fun because the Bag will be at the booth right next door to me. Cackling and hilarity shall ensue!

But for now, it's back to the art table... It's hotter'n the hinges of Hades, so I'm staying indoors and getting creative. See y'all soon!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Latest creation ready: HALLOWEEN IS HERE, AND ALL IS WELL

Harbingers of autumn are all around... you're seeing the leaves begin to change their colors, flirting with the cool crisp air. That means Halloween is just around the corner! The pumpkin patch is in full bloom, and restless vines reach out to remind everyone that the day draws ever closer... and, once it arrives, you'll finally know that everything will be just fine and perfect.

This heartfelt paean to all things Autumn and Halloween encompasses all the vivid, rich colors the season has to offer us during its too-brief stay.

Three hand-made and painted polymer clay Jack O'Lantern character sit grinning astride the proclamation, "Halloween is here, and all is well." Every one of their long, swirly vines has also been painstakingly created from clay and painted. They reach out, making bright, framing flourishes of curly-cues all around. Subtle highlighting whorls of glitter surround them in the background. And, a single lovely sprig of forest moss sprouts up from one corner, along with a small scattering  of autumn leaves and a trio of tiny pumpkins to round out the frame on the bottom.
All this creates a gloriously colorful 3D diorama effect to celebrate Halloween's arrival!

Mounted on a plank of wood, which has been painted in a variety of gorgeous purple hues. The sides have been wrapped in a silky, satin ribbon material, and pinstriped with metallic copper paint. To hold everything up, pretty glass beads serve as feet on the bottom.

I admit to falling in love with my characters and suffer from a bit of separation anxiety when they are sold, and this one is no exception. Absolutely one of a kind, whimsical, and a great piece to add to anyone's collection.

For purchasing information, please visit my Etsy shop at

Dimensions: approx. 5" X 5" wide, 3" height. One US pound in weight.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

***SOLD!*** Ghoulio and the Guardian

This fella has grown quite near and dear to me... but I must cut the heart strings, for he is ready to be shipped to his new home.

The Guardian gargoyle shelf is going with Ghoulio to the same happy new owner in  Virginia. Thank you! I know you'll enjoy them both!

I am noting the irony in full, that after having just done a major overhaul of my art studio - which took me nearly three days to do, and included tossing out a bunch of cardboard boxes I'd been saving, literally, for years - now that I'm actually *needing* a nice big sturdy box, there are none to be had. This necessitates a jaunt down the hill to the post office to retrieve one. 

I told my husband, "See why I should never throw anything away ever again?" I'm sure that horrifying visions of hoarding gone awry popped into his head, but I can assure everyone, that is not the case. Really! Why, after having cleaned out my studio, I can now actually see the top of my desk!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Our day at the Nashville Comic Book & Horror Convention - July 2014

It was a blast!
A super-cool gathering of superheroes, monsters, TV horror show stars and pro wrestling celebs milled about the exhibit area, wooing the crowd that attended the sizzling-hot event held at the Nashville Fairgrounds on a scorching July afternoon.

Oh, and there were zombies too. Zombies! ... EEEK! There was one particularly ghoulish, ten-foot tall denizen of the undead looming about, spewing blood and grabbing at us poor innocent ladies!

Actually... he was a very nice guy.
I only pretended to be scared!
I was invited to share a booth with my dear friend, the artist Ethan Black (more about Ethan in a moment) and his lovely lady, Abigail. Did I neglect to mention that it was a blast? Well it was! The crowd was full of enthusiastic comic book/horror fans out to soak up some pre-Halloween fun that summer day. Our table had a constant stream of traffic, from the excitable very young to the forever young-at-heart older folks, all of  whom absolutely loved the spookified horrorific Halloween goodies we had displayed. 
(Oh, and the bucket loads of free candy, too. Nobody can pass up chocolate candy by the handful, can they!) 
Ethan and Abigail at our table
I brought a nice big tray load of my 'Glowy Skull Pins' that the crowd loved - wow, they sold like mad. One of my beloved 'ZomBabies,' an endearingly bloodthirsty, needle-toothed little fella I dubbed "Greedy Harold," went home with a cool new owner who told me what a big horror doll collector he is. So happy that Harold will be among a much-loved collection of original creations - but I profess, I already miss him. I think all artists form personal attachments to their creations, and are sad in a way to see them go. Ah, but that is the way of art, isn't it.
Greedy Harold and his new Daddy!
Other popular items of mine were the 'Cackling Coffins' which too found new homes to fill the air with their chills-inducing laughter from beyond the grave. Was really hoping that my sculpture art dolls, 'Winifred in her Finery,' and 'Fenwick P. Mossbottom' would have found new homes as well, but alas, that was not to be... just yet.
Ethan stands at attention behind my display of goodies
Was thrilled to see another good friend of mine there - TV's one and only Dr. Gangrene. He took time off from his popular local Nashville horror cable TV show to mingle in the crowd, meeting fans and doing promotions. I just love him!
The Doctor is in...SANE!  
All in all, the day was superb. Just a taste of what looms ahead as we inch ever closer to the Halloween season. You want to see the dead really come to life? Be here when October rolls around!

Now a bit about someone I admire greatly - Ethan Black. 
Just a few members of Ethan's 'family'... mua-hahahaha!
Aside from being an astoundingly talented and highly-accomplished artist whose award-winning works have been featured on TV (History Channel's 'Ancient Aliens' and props/set designs for early episodes of the Dr. Gangrene show among them), Ethan is just a super sweet guy I am proud to call a friend. A digital artist/animator who also teaches art at a local school here in the Nashville area by day, but by night, he comes alive in every sense of the word. You need to see Ethan's sculptures in person to truly appreciate them - they are life-sized, eerily organic, and quite simply unique. His styles range from old-time horror, vintage Halloween, to uber-creepy representations of Lovecraftian nightmares, depicting monstrous legends and myths of the ancient past. Like me, this kindred spirit lives and breathes Halloween 24/7, and he too loves pumpkins and Jack O'Lanterns. His entire home is adorned with all manner of the bizarre and undead, looming from every darkened corner. Oooh, utterly creepalicious indeed!
Ethan and Abigail pose in front of one of his creations
Just so you know, I'm not merely heaping platitudes here, folks; I'm honestly blown away by Ethan's drives and talents. He deserves much more recognition than what he already has. Somebody needs to give him his own show! Seriously, why hasn't that happened yet? 
Just some of his 'Children of the Night'

Pay a visit to his websites and see for yourself... if you dare!



Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hiding in the shadows...

Hot sunny days.
The perfect time to stay inside the cool, cave-like environs of your art studio and create to your imagination's twisted delight!
Nosferatu (1922 German expressionist horror movie by F.W. Murnau)

Lately I've had a sort of love affair with Medusa.

A trip to the local Good Will store yielded a 8" tall plastic Barbie head (the kind that little girls do makeup and hairstyles on) that was positively screaming for a make-over of the MacabreWebs variety… heh heh...
I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

She's still a work in progress, but I can't help but feel this make-over is a big improvement on her original visage. 
But then again, I'm just partial to a pretty face. Heh heh heh.

'Til autumn arrives, you'll find me here, in the shadows, occasionally peeking out the window.